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I had to give up working in the beauty/holistic therapy industry when chronic pain illness worsened, and as I missed it, I decided to turn to blogging. I enjoy writing and photography and chose to utilise my creativity, along with my passion and knowledge of beauty. It also helps take my mind off my illness. I love good skincare, luxury makeup, wellness products and style items, and share info, reviews and tips. The aim of my blog is to hopefully encourage others that they can look and feel good, no matter what age, health or lifestyle.

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About me

I'm Heidi, 53 and live in the southwest countryside, with my dog. I have chronic pain illness but I'm also a complete beauty/self-care addict. I also love fashion, doing reformer pilates (when able), dog walks, I enjoy healthy eating and can’t live without music.

Working on my blog helps distract from my illness and keeps me up to date with the beauty industry, plus I can utilising my knowledge and passion. I'm proud of what I've achieved so far with Chronic Beauty Style, as it involves a lot of work and can be difficult when suffering from pain and fatigue.

I work with honesty and passion, plus I like to keep things real and have a sense of humour. I believe in being a fighter, and want to look and feel good no matter age or illness, so I want to help inspire others!

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I test out beauty products for a short while before reviewing, giving honest opinions and a good level of written info. I provide all my own photography to a decent standard. Plus, I can share on my Instagram feed and stories. I will also tweet about blog posts to promote. Just Instagram is an 'advert' fee (see prices).

I prefer not to work with 'brand scripted' written info on products for posts. I like to provide an honest, personal approach, which is more beneficial to myself and my readers. I also only work with brands/products that fit the blog and that I would use/buy myself.

The blog has a 'Shop the product' feature, linking direct to the product on the brand site, along with some affiliate links. I work on both paid and gifted collaborations, and I am always happy to chat via email with brands and PR's regarding collaborations.

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