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Imagine a glossy magazine tucked away inside your smartphone, and you’re pretty much there.

Girls’ Gospel is packed with stuff our readers will find relevant and readable. Beautiful images, a clean, sleek design and an easy to read style.

We aim to create content our readers can flick through at their leisure. Beautiful imagery, our real life stories and experiences as well as contributions from other authors.

With a social media reach of 11k+ we can share our pieces far and wide, and regularly link up with other bloggers for an even larger reach.

Tina Bailey


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About me

I'm a work at home mum, based in Manchester. I have a real passion for books, positivity and sharing real life on social media - not glossy perfect life, which can make others (myself included) feel inadequate. I am passionate about writing and, making my content accessible to all. I try to keep my language jargon free, so it is easy to read and relatable.

I work around my children, and am frequently found with my laptop on my knee at 10pm or 6am. My children don't feature much on this blog - I have a separate family blog where I share the majority of my family content -

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