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A blog about family, travel, parenting, healthy cooking/eating, and most importantly sustainability. My aim is to teach other people how they can stay organized, eat well, cut out processed and environmentally unsound products while still enjoying life. I also love to talk about wonderful places to visit and things to do, especially when you can do it with your family. I share what's in my heart.

Shire Lyon


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About me

I'm many things to many people. My day job is a search advertiser. My life is my family. My passion is blogging. I want to show other people how you can be productive, have fun and keep the family going all at the same time. There are many times where people say that I'm superhuman or that I'm so full of energy. I'll tell you a secret: I'm none of those. Many days, I don't even have that much energy, but the reality is I'm driven. If I can share even just a little spark with you, then I've done my job! 

My causes/values:

Clean, healthy living.

Sustainability and the environment.

Green living.


Location:   Connecticut


+1 918-408-5410

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As a marketer by trade, I can offer plenty of different services from different types of social media posting. I really enjoy creating picture and video posts as I feel it allows my creativity to shine. I feel equally comfortable using words to discuss product attributes, benefits, and my reviews of them.

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