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Lisa Valentine Blogs

About my blog

Lisa Valentine Blogs is a 'Dear Diary' style lifestyle blog featuring UK travel, food, thrifty fashion, Manchester life and general ramblings.

Formerly 'That British Betty', It began in 2014 as a creative outlet and has since grown a loyal readership.

The following is modest, however, gains good engagement on both the website and social media channels with followers and views increasing every month.

Lisa Valentine



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Lovin' Manchester Blogger Awards

About me

My name is Lisa Valentine. I reside near Manchester, England, with my husband and our three rescue cats.

Lisa Valentine Blogs is my way of documenting the adventures so far, from our various trips across the UK and beyond, favourite foodie places, thrifty vintage styles and recipes to the more mundane, everyday kind of moments.

Location:   Greater Manchester


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I offer bespoke blog posts and social media sharing for your product, services or event.

I'm always happy to chat about whatever brief you may have and how I can help you reach your targets with a collaboration.

I'm a communications professional by trade and have several years of campaign experience.



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