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Attract brands with Pitch Pack

Ace Media's Pitch Pack is a powerful free feature for bloggers, vloggers and social media professionals.

It provides an easy way to deliver a professional presentation to brands and PR agencies who are actively seeking collaborative partners.

PR Agencies and brands crave 'right fit' ambassadors to work with but need credentials they can trust.

Pitch Pack provides the perfect solution through three powerful elements...

1. The Pitch Pack profile

Ace Media removes all the effort from generating your media kit. Your Pitch Pack automatically qualifies your site visitors, social statistics and instils confidence.

With trustworthy content, PRs and brands are able to make a fair judgement on your abilities, even if you’re just starting out!

  • Easy to understand
  • Accumulative social media follower count
  • Visitor and social stats automatically updated weekly
  • Your own custom Pitch Pack address
  • Pitch Pack 'wizard' to guide you through what to say

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2. The only real fair grading

Is a numerical ranking system really fair and helpful? We don't think so.

Ace Media will be rolling out two upper tiers of grading to reward your efforts. As a blogger, for example, you can progress to a 'Power blogger' and on to an 'Elite blogger'.

But we won't be grading influencers solely on their visitor stats and number of followers. Even the best bloggers start with one page and no followers!

Here at Ace Media, we interpret your analytics so even a fledgling blogger can be graded ‘Elite’ because they engage readers and draw loyalty. This is all performed automatically based on the information we gather. It's smarter and definitely fairer.

A selection of Pitch Pack badge designs to include on your site, linking directly to your Pitch Pack page on Ace Media.

3. Delivering you extra opportunities

Creating and linking to your new professional looking Pitch Pack from your site will help raise your profile and gain you new work.

In addition, Ace Media is used by subscribing PR agencies and brands, and we allow these partners to search Pitch Pack user data. They can target and filter the best fit influencers using the same data used to create your Pitch Patch. Another fantastic benefit of Pitch Pack you won’t get anywhere else.

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