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This is a new mum blog, aimed to show the truth behind the change from a newly-wed to a first time mum.

Based in Essex, UK; Lianne Harris lives with her husband, Ashley, two cats (Leo and Harley) and son Benjamin.

Having returned to work from maternity leave, this blog is a space to decribe the adjustments to parenting and also keeping true to myself and keeping my marriage alive! My series of Alphabet Dating keep date nights interesting!

Lianne Harris


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About me

I am a new mum to a six month old Benjamin, fur mother to Leo and Harley and wife to my hubby.

Having suffered with Post Natal Depression, I started this blog as a way to get back to the old "me."

I love to dance, read, watch tele, movies and well, what mum doesnt love wine??

Age:   31
Location:   Essex



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I am happy to review products; however I will only review if it fits within the theme of my blog and all comments will be 100% my own opinion.

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