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PackThePJs is my family travel and lifestyle blog. We cover all things family travel - from days out, events,camping, hotels and resort reviews, cruises, road trips, and long haul adventures. Our pet dogs oftenfeature too, and travel with us sometimes. Always interested in collaborating with new brands.

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About me

Hi! I'm Tracey. I'm 'mum' and the main face behind PackThePJs. I have a journalism background ... I used to be a Healthcare Publisher for the Financial Times! But these days I love spending time with my family, and travelling with them.

PackThePJs' (collectively - including husband Huw, daughter Millie-Mae and son Toby) love to travel together - overnight/hotels, days out, short haul, long haul adventures, family cruises, city breaks, beach resorts, camping and caravanning, road trips ... we often take our two dogs with us when we drive!

The children (aged 11 and 9) are obsessed with Xbox/PS4 gaming; Huw is a science boffin and loves coffee and technology; we all love cruises ... and we cover all of this on PackThePJs. If we're not travelling, we're reviewing items and planning our next trip.

We'd love to work with you. Please do get in touch x

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For Travel Assignments

We endeavour to produce several blog posts based on our visit - venue and local attractions - all will contain link to the client. Blog posts will be promoted on FB, posted (several times) to twitter, images posted on pinterest and instagram, story uploaded to Google+ and Vero. Videos posted to YouTube. All will have the client's url tagged, and will use a range of # to attract readers.

For Review Assignments

We will produce a comprehensive review of your item. The standalone post will be promoted in the same way as our travel posts (see above)

Hosting Competitions

We run giveaways via the platform. Typically we receive 2000 entries. There is the option to offer additional entries for liking client's social media pages and tweeting on twitter.

Talk to Us!

We are always interested in new collaborations. Please get in touch!

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Tracey is one of those elusive 'must have' reliable people when you are doing business. She's available when you need her, she has the solutions to any problem, and is calm and professional at all times. I really don't know how she does it! Client satisfaction is paramount for Tracey, but at the same time she has the people skills to deal with everyone involved in a project. A superb person to do business with.

Kate Bradbury
Manager, AdminOverload

An excellent example of professionalism and accuracy was maintained during our time working together. Tracey was amicable and proactive in setting up a London gift shop with my company. Offering support and advice when needed, also offering material solutions to situations in business.