Published: 10th September 2015

Jix: the drinking straw construction game for all ages

Jix epitomises what Toyella seeks in a toy.

Clever, stylish, appealing to a wide range of ages. Most of all, it's what you make of it that counts...literally.

Jix is a X shaped joiner whose limbs slide firmly into the end of straws. This allows you to form base shapes: either triangle, square, diamond, pentagon or hexagon.

Two Jix connectors can be joined at right angles to allow the base shapes to form limitless 3D constructions. At desktop scale or room size!

Jix comes with 250 transparent straws but you can also extend the set with your own regular coloured drinking straws. 'Neat' as the Americans say.

What Toyella loves about Jix is that its audience is boundless. Jix can be used by children as young as three with the help of mum or dad. Create 3D shapes for the children to push around to experience dimension and motion. Use Jix to help pre-schoolers recognise standard shapes.

Older children up to teenagers will immerse themselves in ambitious dens and room scale structures in 'their space'.

Schools can capitalise on the mathematical and atomic structures Jix will naturally form. Jix also is a great vehicle for observing team building skills.


Editors notes

Toyella has just won the Smallish Design Awards Best Online Retailer Award 2015

Jix RRP 17.99

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