Published: 7th June 2017

Mago Hair Extensions

Hair Fit For a Goddess

Named after the Korean goddess of earth, Mago Hair Extensions are natural, healthy and beautiful. The unique knot-tying method used means the extensions are strong, secure and reliable – and is the only system that doesn’t use any electric equipment or chemicals. 

Easy to Attach, Magic to Remove

Mago Hair Extensions’ unique structure means they are easy to attach to your client; all that is needed is a looper and a pair of scissors – that means no heat, no chemicals and no expensive tools. 

The absence of metal clamps ensures the hair sits flatter, leaving the client looking natural and feeling comfortable. The bonds are self-tightening so there is no complicated maintenance or slippage down the hair shaft.

To remove the extension you snip the knot with a single cut – simple!

This easy process is kind to hair and will leave your clients’ locks looking gorgeous. 

‘It is attached to the client with a simple knot.’ 

Professional Quality Products

Mago Hair comes in packs of 25 strands weighing in at 0.7g each, meaning they’ll look natural in all hair types no matter how fine. The highest standards of quality control are ensured, as the extensions are made entirely by hand, from the colouring and processing to the tying of the knots. 

In total there are 36 colours available in 3 different hair types on a 30 day delivery basis, or 28 colours available on a 24-48 hour delivery basis.

The hair can be treated as you would your own, including using heat, so your clients can feel free to whip out their straighteners and tongs. 

Training with Mago

In order to purchase Mago Hair Extensions you must first attend a one day training academy, training locations are currently available in Hertfordshire, Bristol, Exeter, Manchester, Liverpool, and Scotland. In salon training is also available. Training costs £360 for the day, which includes everything you’ll need to get going as well as extra hair for practise at home.

After the academy you’ll receive exclusive access to our private Facebook group where you’ll find lots of support materials and how-to videos. You’ll be able to freely ask advice and share before and after photos with the community as well as having access to marketing materials to help grow your business. 

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Editors notes

Since the initial development of the Mago Hair system in 2008, we have been testing and refining the technique to maximize its benefits. In 2013, Mago was launched in Finland. Since then Mago has spread to more than 400 hair stylists around Northern Europe and is still growing. 

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Mago Hair Extensions Training
Mago Hair Extensions Training
Mago Hair Extensions Training
Mago Hair Extensions Training
Mago Hair Extensions Training
Mago Hair Extensions Training