Published: 26th October 2015

Miller Goodman Heartshapes add extra love to play

The latest toy from the Miller Goodman range doesn't disappoint!

HeartShapes are fantastic wooden blocks that allow children (and adults) to fashion an unlimited array of surface patterns, characters and 3D creations. These beautifully patterned blocks have a unique style such that they can be used as a toy or a home decor piece.

Miller Goodman provide a booklet of example designs that players can replicate.

The pieces are made from rubberwood and are finished to a very high standard - incredibly smooth making for a precision build and lovely to the touch.

Miller Goodman HeartShapes makes for a wonderful gift and comes in stylish packaging.

3 to 99 years.



Editors notes

Heartshapes is new to the Miller Goodman range and launched to retailers in October 2015

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