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British PPE manufacturer calls out the Government for Double Standards on PPE and Brexit

PopOn Masks, a British owned and based manufacturer of medical grade type llR 3 ply disposable facemasks, is calling on the Government to stop ignoring its pleas to work within the procurement process.

PopOn Masks, based in Essex were one of the companies to respond to the Government cries for help and set up specifically to supply the national health and other key workers with the safest possible PPE masks on the market today.

"The Government is telling the people of the UK that it has enough supplies of PPE. However, in its official Twitter* feed it is expressly asking people not to purchase medical grade disposable face masks. Yet here we are, based close to motorway links up and down the country and with Stanstead airport on the doorstep with the ability to make millions of this very type of safest mask available, and the Government is ignoring us." Jamie Majid, PopOn's managing director said.

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"So, is our government saying we do or don't have enough Type llR disposable facemasks? We have lobbied the government; we have sent samples to Boris Johnson and Cabinet ministers, as well as to the offices of the Mayor of London, only to be met with polite but generic rebuttals, that show they clearly have not read nor understood our proposition." Jamie continued. "We want the British Government to buy our face masks to serve the NHS, Social and care sectors. If there are then shortfalls from UK suppliers, they should procure from overseas. At present the Government doesn't seem to want to engage with us to discuss us supplying them, and this adds insult to injury when they are telling the public not to buy our face masks."

As the country moves towards autumn and seemingly an inevitable second wave of Coronavirus, the Government needs to be backing British businesses and entrepreneurs who have invested in machinery and British jobs to ensure that supplies of British made, high quality PPE is available, not only to key workers but to the wider general public. Telling people not to buy the very masks that could help prevent the spread of Coronvirus seems counter-productive, especially if, as it states, it already has ample stocks.

The Government's bullish pro-Brexit stance also means that they should be talking with British manufacturers and not investing in second rate overseas imports as we have seen in very recent history. It is time for the Government to stand with and behind British manufacturing and entrepreneurship.

"We have invested in the technology and produced UK jobs in a time of crisis to help lessens the impact of the most crippling blight on our economy, our freedoms and our way of lives. Coronvirus will be something which will continue to impact on the economy for a long, long time. We have answered the Government call…why won't they answer our call and support British manufacturing and British jobs." Jamie Majid concluded.


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