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Rolling with Marbles (previously called Mabel and Me) begun in September 2014 just before I became a mummy to Mabel in October 2014.

Since then Doug, my husband and I, have been lucky enough to welcome a second little girl, Martha, to complete our family only 16 months later.

We reside in a beaultiful village in the North of Bedforshire with a now, 4 and 2 year old comedy duo pair, best friends and very independant girls

We at Rolling with Marbles have been a one income family for a while now, but still, the memories that we create living as frugal as we can, are priceless.

Nichole Goodland


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About me

I'm Nichole, a 31 year old mum of two girls living in a village in the North of Bedfordshire with my husband.

I have been a stay at home mum since October 2014 and enjoy spending time with my family, blogging, photography, cooking and I love hunting out a good bargain.

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