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The Expat Mama

About my blog

The Expat Mama was started in August 2016 just days after I had arrived in Singapore as a trailing spouse. At the time we were still waiting for our belongings to arrive, we were living in temporary accommodation whilst our paperwork was finalised, and we knew nobody. Lonely, unhappy and somewhat overwhelmed I turned to writing for solace. 

Initially The Expat Mama was to be a diary of our expat adventure. Just the up’s and down’s of this crazy decision to move our family 7000 miles from home, family and familiarity.

I – and the family – have now settled into life as expats here. We love Singapore and the opportunities it offers to travel around the region. We love the culture, the food and the people. But most of all we love the memories we are making. And I say that as a fairly unadventurous Brit (slightly reluctantly) abroad!

Emily Abbey



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About me


I'm Emily, a mum of two little's who gave up her job and life in the UK to move to Singapore in August 2016 as a "trailing spouse". I started blogging about the adventure almost as soon as we arrived, with one of my first blog posts's "Independent Dependant" being picked up by HuffPost UK for it's honest portrayal of life as a modern day expat wife.

I'm now pretty settled into a life of suitcases, long haul flights and Asian cultural delights. In fact, I've been bitten by the travel bug and now homeschool my kids which allows us to truly explore SE Asia. My life has done a complete 180 in the last 12 months, and my blog not only reflects that, but it's encouraging other would-be adventurers (with and without kids in tow) to just get out there and enjoy the world.

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