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Influencer Evaluation

Discover right-fit bloggers and social media influencers

FE PR Blogs

No-one can dispute the impact bloggers can have on product recognition. Meanwhile, video bloggers, or vloggers, are emerging with huge social followings and wielding great purchasing influence on audiences.

These 'Influencers' have the potential to champion your brand and become highly beneficial marketing partners.

Our influencer feature is your gateway to influencers... providing access to right-fit influencers whose credentials are verified by Ace Media.

Cutting through the noise

Identifying the right collaborative partners

Ace Media creates a level playing field from which to assess right-fit influencers.

We insist that our registered bloggers complete their Pitch Pack™ which, alongside crucial information about the blog and their interests, incorporates a direct feed of data from their social profiles and from their Google Analytics (GA) account – call it influencer due diligence.

The data we collect forms a bedrock of credibility and it offers many benefits:

  • We deliver verified, impartial, blog performance data
  • We analyse social and site data to assess a blogger's strengths
  • We present meaningful information in a manner that’s easy to understand
  • Brands choose with confidence, Influencers pitch on a level playing field.

With Ace Media you can source and select influencers with complete confidence.

FE PR Influencer badges

Fair Ranking

We’ve carefully developed a ranking system that’s fairer to bloggers and of greater value to PRs / brands.

Utilising the data we collect, we’ve developed an algorithm that assesses influencers within a more pertinent set of parameters that doesn’t rely on aggregates of data from other ranking platforms but is instead based upon verified data, direct from source.

Reaching out

The interface to connect with Influencers is simple and quick to use.

Influencers matching your industry topics receive your requirements on their dashboard and via email.

Your responses are similarly visible on your own dashboard and via a collated summary email sent to you once the deadline for responses you set passes.

FE PR Influencer admin

Pitch Pack™

Qualifying your responses

With every influencer response you receive, you’ll be provided direct access to view their Pitch Pack™

Pitch Pack™ is a templated profile page so you can compare all Influencers like-for-like, it incorporates:

A personal profile

A professional profile including past collaborations and testimonials

Ace Media verified social statistics

Ace Media verified site analytics, demographics, engagement ratings, domain authority scores

The influencer's identified strengths and overall grading

FE PR Pitch Pack corner

Activity insight

We provide an overview of your current and past outreach messages.

Accompanying each is a list of all the responses from Influencers, each in turn accompanied by a link through to their Pitch Pack™ profile.

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Search and filter influencers

Work smarter

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