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Premium national newspaper

Looking for three generations of women (4-5 ideally and can be sisters, aunts, mum, nieces etc) in the same family who all have long 'rapunzel' hair


Digital consumer magazine

We're looking to review scented candles and diffusers which are perfect for wedding receptions.


Digital consumer magazine

We are searching for the latest home technology ideal for wedding gift lists. High-res product image, information and online link required for this.

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Best Eczema Range 2017!

Purepotions Skin Salvation Range has just won Best Eczema Range 2017 with Natural Health International Beauty Awards. Offering an allergy-friendly skincare regime in their Skin Salvation Range, Purepotions are committed to helping people with their skin safely, effectively and naturally. Please see…

Purepotions Scar Oil with organic rosehip

Purepotions organic Scar Oil with rosehip and palmarosa

PurePotions’ Scar Oil is a rich, 100% natural blend of rosehip, grapeseed and calendula oils with a unique combination of luxurious essential oils, all carefully chosen for their ability to condition, smooth and hydrate even the most delicate skin. Purepotions’ Scar Oil is a gentle, natural…

New Product to Remedy the Symptoms of Reflux & Colic

Cosydream + - Baby Sleep Positioner

Reflux and colic are two terms with which parents of newborn babies become very accustomed. For many they can be the cause of great anxiety and stress. There is however a solution at hand that can help remedy these problems… Designed by experts, Babymoov’s NEW Cosydream+ is the first…

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