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How the DuraOcean® Nassau chair is revolutionising contract furniture

Special rates for hospitality & café owners who place environmental protection at the top of the agenda

Whether it’s a restaurant, café, bar, pub or takeaway, the furniture you use says a lot about you and your business values. Aesthetics are incredibly important but making a statement with products that also support the protection of the environment are even more of a talking point. One chair that is combining both style and a strong sustainability message is the DuraOcean® Nassau from LifestyleGarden®.

Each DuraOcean® Nassau chair has been lovingly made from 3.5kgs of recycled ocean plastic waste, plastic that would otherwise litter the shoreline, or continue to kill more than 100,000 marine creatures every year. Since early 2019, LifestyleGarden® has been repurposing this plastic waste into a stunning chair which is working to challenge and educate consumers on the terrifying long-term impact that plastic is having upon our oceans and the many creatures that call them ‘home’. To date, the DuraOcean® has helped to remove in excess of 150,000kgs of plastic waste from the world’s oceans.

Paul Cohen, Sales Director at LifestyleGarden® said: “The DuraOcean® Nassau is a chair that packs a punch when it comes to delivering a strong and incredibly important message. It represents so much more than just a chair! We’re already seeing a wide range of hospitality businesses fall in love with the DuraOcean®, with cafes, coastal takeaways and restaurants already adopting the chair for both their indoor and outdoor seating areas.

“What’s more, these businesses are also proactively communicating the story behind the chair to their customers to generate conversation, as well as to demonstrate their commitment to being a more sustainable business. This move to demonstrate the importance of environmental protection has never been more timely, as the impact of Covid-19 has created a new generation of environmentally savvy shoppers. Any business that can withstand the scrutiny of this ever more demanding consumer will see customer loyalty increase tenfold as we navigate this new normal.”

As businesses reopen and adjust to the changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, LifestyleGarden® recognises that a redesign of seating areas will be on the cards, especially to incorporate social distancing measures. To support this, LifestyleGarden® is offering a discounted rate to any business wanting to co-promote the DuraOcean® Nassau chair and table within their own establishment. No minimum order quantity is required; all LifestyleGarden® asks is that each business utilises its own communication channels to promote the DuraOcean® story to their customers.”

Paul Cohen added: “We hope that this reciprocal deal will encourage more and more restaurant and café owners to reach out to us. At LifestyleGarden® we really believe in what the DuraOcean® can achieve and are dedicated to playing our part in the conservation of our ocean and marine life. By helping more and more businesses access DuraOcean® we are increasing the amount of ocean plastic waste being removed from the world’s oceans. This is surely a win-win for all of us, most notably planet earth.”

LifestyleGarden® has a proven track record for providing furniture for contract use, with projects across the globe benefiting from the company’s market-leading portfolio. Each chair and table have been designed to be reliable, heavy duty and resistant to extremes. The DuraOcean® Nassau chair, and the new-for-2021 DuraOcean® table, have both been extensively contract tested and come complete with a two-year warranty, meaning restauranteurs and owners of hospitality establishments can rest assured the furniture will stand the test of time.

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