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Alejandra's Life

About my blog

My Life is full of stories. From traveling and working all around the globe, My Family is my Life and I am sharing a bit of what I Do, Have done and Continue to learn everyday of several things.

Positiveness rules my daily day and i try to teach my little one a bit about everything as well as showing all the pretty things we have surrounding us.

I am a Book Tech Nerdy that speaks 7 languages, with a background on Health, Fashion and Beauty and no one leaves my house with an empty belly or bored!

Come join me on My Life and Lifestyle and have fun.

Alejandra Fonseca



Top 10 Lifestyle UK Bloggers (#7)


Top 50 Family UK Bloggers

About me

I have been blogging for almost 7 years. I can speak several languages, and that reflects on the way I engage to several countries with my followers.

Mum of a little 2 year old boy, Blogging is now my job as it's been growing and that shows on what I write.

Location:   West Midlands

Brands I've worked with


Joe Browns



Thomas Sabo