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I'm Sanders, and I love being outside. I am a microadventurer, outdoor gear enthusiast, and general purveyor of slightly bonkers ideas.

Almost Definitely Outside is a personal blog of featuring stories about how I squish adventure into everyday life. I also share wild camping tips, reviews of gear I've used and abused, and recommendations on cool campsites and adventure venues. The blog exists because I love doing it, but it's also there to inspire other people to get outside more, see the best in every opportunity, and make the most of this beautiful island we call home.

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About me

I am a microadventure enthusiast and general purveyor of slightly bonkers ideas. I'm also an Ordnance Survey GetOutside champion, and a volunteer for UK Scouting and Girlguiding.

I don't believe that you have to summit Everest sixteen times or visit both Poles solo while carrying a piano to have adventures. Anything outside your comfort zone can be an adventure, and anything outside your own personal sphere of experience is worth doing. Trying new things is scary, and getting active is sweaty and it hurts - but it's so, so great when you give yourself a chance to get there. I believe there's no such thing as failure unless you fail to try and, with Almost Definitely Outside, I want to get the message about getting outdoors as wide as humanly possible. The blog is a labour of love, driven by the things that make me feel alive.

Age:   27
Location:   Leicestershire

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