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Feminist mothering and feminism in general are what drives my writing. Feminist mothering covers politics, race issues and social justice issues because being a mother is a political position. My blog stands out because there aren't many ethnic minority bloggers in the UK. Also, people are attracted to my personal experiences like raising a mixed race child. My blog posts on race are shared by , both, Indian and white women. I have a small readership consisting of people from around the world, namely UK, Canada, USA and Russia, who are plugged into feminist mothering issues. These are my tribal readers. My posts and opinions are highly shareable and appear on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I contribute to Huffpost UK, Feminism in India and have written for 'Stay at home mothers' and the 'FWord'. I also wrote a chapter on austerity for a Canadian academic journal.

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About me

My name is Jane Chelliah and I am, as my blog name states, an ambitious feminist mother blogger. My blog has done well in a market that is dominated by white middle class mummy bloggers and this is because I have positioned myself differently. For a start my daughter is 17 and will soon turn 18 but I will continue to do 'mum posts' because I want to extend the boundaries and lifespan of a mum blogger. The concept of 'feminist mothering' is a little known one in the UK and I am determined to raise awareness of it. My blog posts reflect the new Britain and new world by capturing the issues that are changing our political landscape. I am constantly alive to ideas and can spot a good story in the most mundane of things. I aim to become a successful influencer.

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