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Blackberry Garden


About my blog

Alison Levey has been writing about her garden on ‘The BlackberryGarden’ blog since 2011. Alison describes herself as an amateur and somewhat obsessed gardener and is based in Leicester. Alison writes her about her own garden and what inspires her to garden; gardens she has visited, plant fairs and garden shows. Alison also reviews garden related books and products. The Blackberry Garden is not a ‘how to’ blog, the aim is to talk more about the enjoyment of gardening and it is read by people who garden and people who do not.

Alison is a member of the Garden Media Guild and was awarded the Garden Media Guild Blog of the Year 2019. Alison’s blog has been rated by Vuelio as the number 1 UK Garden Blog 2017, 2018 and 2019. 

Alison Levey



Garden Media Guild Blog of the Year

About me

Founded in 2011, the blackberry garden is a blog like no other. It seeks to share and inspire the love of gardening without preaching or lecturing. The blackberry garden reaches those who consider themselves non-gardeners and encourages them to enjoy their plants and gardens from a fresh perspective'

My blog is authentic and my readers trust my opinions. I write with humour and love about what I care about; my style is optimistic and positive. The blackberry garden seeks to make the world a better place one plant at a time.

My blog is read all over the world, primary audiences are in the UK and USA

Age range is predominantly between 25 and 55

Gender split (stats sadly only binary data - sorry) 60% female, 40% male

I reach c.15,000 views per month

Location:   Leicester



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Writes about all things gardening: garden visits, garden shows, plants, book and product reviews. I like working with companies where I can trial products and write reviews. I enjoy going on garden visits and attending shows and will work with clients to highlight what they want to be prioritised. I will undertake sponsored posts, contact me for details.



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