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Book Therapy


About my blog

"Discover the life-changing magic of books. Books, stories, literature connect us to others. They help us connect the dots in our own stories and ultimately hold mirrors up so that we can truly see ourselves and be understood."

My book recommendations have featured in the Guardian's Book Clinic, Asian Voice and various other publications. My personalised reading service is unique and intended to save my audience time and money so that they can focus on what they love most: reading. 

I recommend and promote books that I believe will serve my readers, either from a therapeutic or personal interest perspective.

My audience is largely female, book lovers and interested in a range of literature. They are very receptive to upcoming literary events, literary products and both published and soon-to-be published books and are big book buyers.

Would be delighted to discuss how I can help you and your brand.

Bijal Shah


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About me

Alongside a career in investment banking, I was really keen to pursue my passion for literature, writing and psychology having successfully published a non-fiction book titled "The Happiness Mindset". The book's received more than 50 reviews on Amazon with a 5 star rating. I wrote the book post-completion of a diploma in psychodynamic counselling and psychotherapy, a skillset that complements my passion for carefully curating apt books for others. My book recommendations have featured in the Guardian's Book Clinic, Asian Voice and various other publications. 

I’m a member of the International Federation of Library Associations and the American Library Association. I've also completed a post-graduate professional accountancy qualification and Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from the University of Warwick. I'm a mum of two and we currently reside in Hampstead, London.

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I prefer an open discussion regarding brand promotion that can be tailored to the product or service being promoted and agree a price accordingly.

I'm open to new ideas and suggestions, beyond the ones listed above.

Look forward to working with you.

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