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About my blog

Burnished Chaos is a family and lifestyle blog set up in July 2016. As married mother of two (son 8, daughter 2) I write about family life and all that it entails, from reviews of days out and toys to advice on how we can not only cope with the chaos of everyday life, but turn it into something beautiful.

I write a weekly series called Words To Live By which is really well received.

My main audience are busy parents with young children looking for that ever elusive life balance.



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About me

My name is Alana. I Iive in the North-East with my husband and two children (son age 8, daughter age 2), two dogs, two cats and far too many fish to count.

I have a Masters degree in Management and Marketing but my passion has always been writing. As a stay at home mum I decided to put the two together and start a blog.

When not blogging I love getting outdoors with the kids and exploring our local area.

Location:   Durham