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I started my blog Butcher Baker Baby back in 2007 and have used it as a way of documenting recipes and life with my husband (known as Hubs on the blog) and our daughter Little Baker (LB) who arrived on the scene in summer 2014. I work in the food education sector and my husband an engineer with a love for all things food.

We live near Derby in the Midlands. Many topics are covered on the blog but they are primarily: food & drink, UK travel and parenting from a creative play/kids cookery angle.

My readers seem to enjoy baking recipes that are easy to replicate at home and quirky places to travel over the UK. My posts about kids cookery always gain lots of interest.

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About me

This blog started life in 2007. Hubs & I had not long moved into our first house together, a short drive from Derby, UK, and still had the diet of our student days. Our tiny cottage kitchen meant we had to teach ourselves to how to cook food from scratch. No more freezer and ready meals to rely on. The blog was our way of documenting our recipes and life in the tiny cottage.

Ten years, one house move and a baby later the blog has evolved to include our attempts at gardening, UK travel, lifestyle and life with a little foodie.

I now work freelance in the food education sector teaching & planning cookery courses. I enjoy being able to pass on my skills and recipes as well as discovering new foodie trends/experiences. I live & breathe food!

Location:   Derbyshire

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