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Fun, friendly blog about crafting, comping, reviewing and family life. Providing lighthearted, open and honest reviews including improvement ideas. This blog is aimed at anyone with children, lovers of crafts, comping fanatics and those wishing to save money,

I don't take myself too seriously and have a great sense of humour but provide professional, incredibly detailed reviews when needed and I work well with time constraints and deadlines.

I would like to offer giveaways in the future as and when this is possible or when a company requires.

I have two children, a boy born in 2008 and and a girl born in 2014 should you require very outspoken and opinionated children

If you're looking for an honest, hardworking, fun, friendly, dedicated, young female parent then I am your go to girl!

Lynne Sharpe


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About me

I am a 28 year old, single, working mother of two who loves providing honest opinions and improvement ideas. My children are my world, they are named Scott and Hollie and are 8 & 2 years old respectively, My kiddies love trying and testing new things and telling me what they like about a product.

I work in retail and have done for 13 years and I currently work part-time for Aldi, I also have a few illnesses including skin conditions and IBS and I am currently awaiting allergy testing,

I have some University and have had to leave recently due to my youngest child taking ill and myself being attacked and left with back problems in November.

Life has thrown me some hardballs but I am still optimistic, hard working, fun, friendly and loving life.

Location:   Humberside


Can offer impartial, unbiased reviews that will be shared widely over several social media platforms including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.I sepdn several hours per day blogging, sharing via social networks and writing on forums.

Each product is thoroughly tested and a detail of all components (if there are any) of the product are recorded in great detail.

I am also a member of several parenting, crafting and comping forums where links to reviews and products will also be shared.

Please do not hesitate to send a brief or any questions to

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