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Dadness is the musings of a relatively geeky dad. Initially the blog was set up to share my views on some of the products we were enjoying using for our new arrival but it is shifting and morphing into a more general place for me to share other aspects of dad life that I enjoy. Gone are the days of getting out to the pub, replaced by taking pleasure in home-based activities such as cooking, reading, board games and enjoying a new little life grow and develop at too fast a pace to always write about. By day I am a digital marketing consultant but really by day and night I am a dad, and we are still quite unrepresented in the parenting blogosphere. I am adding my tiny voice to the chatter in the hope that it gets heard every now and then.

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About me

Self employed digital marketing consultant who primarily works across the baby products and gifts industry. Published author (twice) and columnist for various trade magazines across nursery, gifts and gardening sectors. Father to a 9, 11 and 16 month old. A complete geek who has recently become obsessed with board and tabletop gaming in a desperate bid to retain some youth now that I am the wrong side of 40!

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