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Dance Dispatches is a dance publication that celebrates global dance traditions and communities. We feature all dance genres in show reviews, class reviews and news updates.

The Dance Dispatches lifestyle vertical covers cross-training, spas, dance and athleisure wear and travel.

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About me

Alison Roberts-Tse is a bonafide dance enthusiast with degrees in Communication Arts, Dance and Honors in the Liberal Arts from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

She also works as a digital editor and copywriter, and her work has been published in a variety of print magazines.

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Dance Dispatches specialises in creating bespoke digital content for dance and wellness brands. We strive to engage readers with first-hand experience of products and are happy to host content on our site – or to write guest posts for your own site.

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Working with Alison from Dance Dispatches was completely refreshing; and her keen observations of Folklorni Ansambl Lindo demonstrate just how seriously she takes her job.

Her performance description was on point, and we recommend any dance group to host Alison and Dance Dispatches.“

Lindo Folklore Ensemble
Marketing Manager

It's always a pleasure to work with Dance Dispatches. Alison's detailed previews and reviews offer the reader some wonderful insight into clients' shows and tours as the writer has a true understanding of dance, the artists and the creative process. I always look forward to reading a Dance Dispatches write-up for something a little bit different and incredibly well informed.