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Dirt, Diggers and Dinosaurs


About my blog

The recipe for my Parenting and Lifestyle blog is much the same as my approach to life…random, with a handful of humour and more than a sprinkling of sarcasm thrown in for good measure.

I write about raising my boys in a small house based in a market town, on the edge of the beautiful Peak District. Our love of our immediate surroundings, and the natural world is very evident within my musings.

By far my most popular posts have been accounts written in a lighthearted but non-filtered style. My readers trust me to be honest and therefore my reviews have always been well received by my followers.

My demographic is made up of other parents or anyone stumbling through life in a sleep deprived haze, with young children in tow.

My first blog post was published in August 2018 and I'm working hard to grow my audience.

Emma Hutchinson

About me

Before I entered into the world of blogging, I worked as the National Visual Merchandising Manager for a well known global footwear brand. I travelled around the UK and ROI, writing and delivering training sessions.

I've always enjoyed meeting and connecting with new people, I'm approachable and chatty by nature, which shines through in my style of writing (I hope).

My educational background is in Graphic Design, Illustration and Photography. At every stage of my life I've needed a creative outlet to allow me to express my thoughts and feelings, and blogging fits the bill perfectly.

I'm happily married to Yorkshireman Ben and have 3 young boys. I'm permanently tired, and run on caffeine. I can't live without cheese, and keep chickens.

I write about what I know, what I love, and from my heart. Therefore, I happily fall into the box labelled 'Mummy Blogger'. I'm sharing my parenting journey.

Age:   39
Location:   Stoke-on-Trent



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