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Drinks with Hebe is a blog focused on London lifestyle, restaurants, bars, coffee shops etc. London is this wonderful City that I feel so lucky to live in, but I found I never explored it enough. This Blog has opened my eyes to so many exciting opportunities and I cannot wait to discover even more.

Drinks with Hebe is focused on 20-35 year olds looking to spend time in London, whether they live here or are just visiting. I'm very honest in my work, so can be a person they trust to give great advice.

My London Guides give advice on where to go for certain dishes or drinks in London. These aren't tourist guides. These are for Londoners wanting to get to know there city more.

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About me

Hello! I'm Hebe (pronounced Heeeebeeee). I'm a Londoner in her 20's who loves drinking (soft drinks, tea, cocktails, spirits, cider, then list goes on). I love promoting the London lifestyle and the wonderful things you can get up to. The theatre here is amazing, you can eat food from all over the world and you can find a new experience to try every day.

I'm vegetarian, freckly and very inquisitive. I love to know how things work. My hobbies include going to the theatre, reading, cooking and binge watching Netflix for hours on end. My favourite film is Love Actually and it is very easy to make me cry. Honestly I cry about almost anything.

I'm getting married in August 2019 and am planning the entire wedding myself. It will be epic. I hope.

That's me. Pretty simple. Join me for a drink some time.

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I believe that every brand is unique and each promotion needs to be bespoke to that brand. I am happy to listen to ideas/ visions brands have, or I can create a bespoke plan to fit with them.

My main platforms are my Blog, Instagram and Pinterest.

Please email drinkswithhebe@mail.com if you have questions. (Though if you contact me on any of my platforms I'll be able to get back to you just as easily). Being London based I'm happy to meet in person for a chat, I know the best cocktail bars and if you have a venue you'd like to promote I find it's best to make a plan after seeing the space.

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