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We are Eps and Amy, a blogger and a product review team. We blog about our life, hobbies and interests. We are a lifestyle and parenting blog with a bit of money saving, product review and bargain hunting thrown in for good measure.

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About me

We are Eps and Amy. We are a blogger and a product review team. We share bargain finds, money saving tips, product reviews, family / parenting tips and lifestyle blog posts.

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We mostly work with brands by doing product review blog posts, or adding items to gift guides for example. These work best with a giveaway attached to draw in the traffic. We normally work quite quickly and probably only need a week or so lead time to test the product and get an article written up. For all items we include social shares.

For high priced items (eg over £50) we would not charge for the review and include a YouTube review. The review would be an individual post just for this item.

For low priced items we would mention the item on a gift guide and social media but would charge for an individual review post and a YouTube video would be extra.

Prices are negotiable and vary depending on the price of the item, please contact us for more information.

Posts from:   £30.00


  • Blog editorials
  • Instagram product reviews
  • Instagram video reviews
  • YouTube video reviews

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  • Facebook shout-outs
  • Instagram stories
  • Pinterest theming
  • Promotions
  • Twitter chats

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