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From bowl to soul

About my blog

From bowl to soul, is a my little place where I share my passion for food- exploring, experimenting, and creating some fresh, simple, good food , and along with that ,sharing my experiences exploring this beautiful world, and my life with my little daughter Aahana.If you are looking for some basic Indian recipes, some royally rich and delicious food recipes , or are ready to explore some beautiful destinations , or even if you just want to read about experiences being a mum , you are at the right place.

Anubhav Malik


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About me

Hi !! I am Anubhav, a blogger, freelancer, foodie, shopaholic, a wife and a mum to a 6 year old daughter.

I am from India, and settled in the UK. So much in love with indian food, actually any food (i am such a foodie) , and more in love with the english countryside.

Cooking, experimenting with ingredients, creating new recipes, writing, reading books, travelling, shopping, and spending time with my family specially with my little daughter are my favourite things to do. The list summarises what my blog is all about.

I am happy and blessed , that i've always been able to do the things that i love doing.

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