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Fudoki Magazine is an online magazine of myths, legends, fables, fantasy, folklore and fairytales. We showcase new and established authors alike and we're interested in what makes these stories and their themes timeless, and the tools we need to create and share these stories.

Emma Kalson


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About me

Fudoki are ancient reports that, amongst other information, collected oral stories from the various regions of Japan, ensuring they wouldn’t be lost.

I'm passionate about storytelling - we no longer sit around the fire and swap stories, and these stories aren't just entertainment... they're warnings and navigation, a moral compass and comfort in times of need.

With my 5+ years' experience in independent publishing, I get excited about helping authors see their name online and in print, whether that's through publishing, editing or advising on the writing process.

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If you're interested, please hop over to our website and have a look at our advertising disclosure policy. We're super flexible and easy to work with, so get in touch and let's see if we can come up with something great.

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