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Holding Arrows is a lifestyle blog primarily focusing on parenting, homeschooling, mental health, and slow living. Catherine is the author who writes about parenting our 6 children for the past 21 years. Catherine also writes about her passion for homeschooling and living a life without the pace and pressure of today's world. Catherine also talks openly and candidly about our eldest daughter who has recently been diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder.

The content of the blog is well written combining humour with real life situations and up to date factual references. Holding arrows is aimed at parents and families in the 25-45 age range as well as anyone dealing with mental health issues.

The 'Positive Parenting' 5 part series are the most well received posts as well as the product reviews.

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About me

I am a 40 something 6ft, Australian mother of six living in the beautiful county of Norfolk.

I wish I had a golden brown tan with brown eyes and my kids didn't love spaghetti bolognese quite so much.

I practice child-led learning at home with four of our children but don’t love helping them find baby frogs, dig worms or keep farm mice as pets.

I believe it is my life’s calling to be a mummy and perfection is a myth.

I love to write and am good at it. My blog is all about what we have achieved as a family as well as the stuff which might not be enjoyable, including my eldest daughters struggle with Bi-Polar.

My dreams for Holding Arrows is for it to reach out to likeminded people and offer them help and encouragement or just a place to go and just find a friend.

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