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Pitch Pack™

Unlocking your potential

Devices blogger

Pitch Pack™ provides a totally automated, templated, professional profile page so you can pitch with confidence and unlock your potential.

Pitch Pack™ offers three distinct elements that help bloggers, vloggers and social media professionals grow their presence.

  • The acclaimed Pitch Pack™ automated media kit
  • A forward-thinking and fair ranking programme
  • Collaboration leads from PRs and brands

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It explains the full power of Pitch Pack™

An amazing profile

With everything taken care of for you

  • Content guide to help you through what to include
  • Verified site analytics, demographics, engagement ratings, domain authority scores
  • All your social statistics and Google analytics collected and updated weekly
  • Fair ranking
  • Custom URL
  • Free to use
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FE PR Influencer badges

Fair Ranking

A three tier grading programme that will NEVER reflect poorly on your blog, even if you have a quieter month. Rewarding good blogs, not just big blogs.

"I think it's really admirable that you take into consideration so many factors to make it a more 'even playing field' for bloggers and that it's not a competition! As a more established blogger, I know how hard it can be in the early days to get 'noticed' by brands, even if you are doing a wonderful job simply because you don't have the numbers. So I love that you take many elements into consideration."


Work your Pitch Pack™

Receive direct leads through the Collaborations feature.

Your Pitch Pack™ profile and grading are passed to brands and PRs you connect with.


What Pitch Pack™ users say:

"I spent a whole week trying to put together a media kit. Found Ace Media & now have one in under 30 minutes"


"I have companies contact me via my contact page after seeing my Pitch Pack"


"I can't even begin to tell you how amazing Pitch Pack is... so useful!"


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