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Larger Family Life

About my blog

Mum of many

Divemaster and Digital Marketer for Blue Ocean Diving

Personal Trainer and Pound Instructor for Blue Ocean Fitness

Domestic abuse survivor, finally telling my story to help others.

Travel, recipes, fitness, health, family lifestyle and more.

Tania Kacamer


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About me

I am a writer, speaker and survivor of coercive control and domestic abuse, using my own experiences to raise awareness about this intimate terror.

I am also an SEO/Copywriter/Website Designer for Bottletop Creative

Divemaster and PR/Digital Marketer for Blue Ocean Diving

Pound Instructor, Personal Trainer and Behaviour Change Specialist for Blue Ocean Fitness, specialising in fitness for beginners and helping abused/vulnerable regain their confidence through physical fitness and self-care.

Oh, and I am also a mum-of-13.

Location:   Kent


I offer full copywriting and photography on products where needed, fees variable on a project by project basis and depend on product value, promotion requirements etc.

Turnaround time for link insertions/social media collaborations or publishing articles provided by client is 24-48 hours.

Larger projects to be determined by work involved and priced on a case-by-case basis.

Posts from:   £100.00
Advertising from:   £50.00


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