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Laura Thornberry

About my blog

A London based Lifestyle blog, creating and publishing weekly content dedicated to all things beauty, travel, food and drink, home and style related.

Laura Thornberry

About me

My name is Laura Thornberry, a Lifestyle blogger living in London.

I started writing articles for my blog in 2013, and have solidly continued to produce content on what I love and what I enjoy.

On, you will find content focused and dedicated to a number topics including beauty, travel, food and drink and style. As a Lifestyle blogger, I wanted to incorporate all aspects of life into my site, and share my passions with my readers.

Location:   Greater London


+44 7837 512841

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The services available with include Blog editorials, whether that be a product or website review, sponsored post content and giveaways. I also allow sidebar advertising.

Depending on the brief, usually has a 1 week turnaround for sponsored content and product reviews, however this is subject to change if the product needs a longer review period.

Posts from:   £60.00
Advertising from:   £20.00


  • Blog editorials

Brand support

  • Promotions
  • Twitter chats

Brands I've worked with

Holiday Gems

House of Fraser

La Redoute