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About my blog

Lipgloss And Curves is a lifestyle and parenting blog.

On the blog I offer giveaways and my opinions in reviews. I talk about life as a parent. I have 2 special needs children. I am also plussize so talk about plus size clothing and life as a plus size mum/women. I am a girly girl and enjoy health and beauty. I also talk about food and recipes.

Emma Dunn


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About me


I'm Emma I'm 33yrs old and have two children who are 15 and 2. Both has asd. I have been in the media before and done plus size modelling. I have blogged before working with a number of brands but stopped a few years ago, as had alot going on, however I'm getting back into it.

I am a full time mum, and blog as a hobby. I enjoy butlins holidays. Musical theatre, mariah carey and takeaways. I am a huge lipgloss fan and love make up and perfume and bubble baths. Everyone buys me a nice fluffy blanket as a gift as you always find me on the sofa with a blanket.

Age:   34
Location:   Dorset


I like to offer reviews on my blog and also post about them on my Facebook, twitter and Instagram. I also use ticktok so happy to review and do videos on there too.



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