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Lylia Rose is a UK lifestyle blog by Victoria Sully with a money angle featuring making money online, blogging, working from home, self-employment, staying healthy as a busy work-at-home-mum, side hustles, saving money and family finance tips.

Victoria runs four blogs in total with various niches which can suit most brand collaborations and sponsored posts:

Lylia Rose – A UK lifestyle blog with a money angle for those on a mission to make and save more money

Healthy Vix – All things healthy from a plant-based diet to natural, eco-friendly living tips

Wood Create – Everything home and garden with inspiring DIY and woodwork tips

Travel Vixta – Family travel, days out and campervan adventures 

Victoria Sully


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About me

Victoria is a busy mum, wife and full-time blogger in Gloucestershire, UK. She began blogging in April 2013 and now writes four blogs at Lylia Rose, Healthy Vix, Travel Vixta and Wood Create.  

Favourite topics include making and saving money, self-employment, blogging, healthy living, travel, home and garden.

Victoria offers sponsored blog posts, link insertions, giveaways and brand collaborations.

Location:   Gloucestershire

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