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Mamma Digitale

About my blog

I am an Italian mum living in the UK for more than 11 years. My blog has the aim to introduce Italian and UK brands to my target audience: Italian mums living in the UK. My lifestyle blog is written in Italian.

Annalisa Del carro

About me

My name is Lisa, I come from Milan and I have been living in London for more than ten years. I ran my own creative agency for 7 years before selling it. I am a business mentor and I want to help mums, mums-to-be to become entrepreneurs. I am also a new mum, and new to all parenting tips. I have started my own blog as I would like to talk about everything digital, in a mum’s world. It is very interesting how many websites / apps / tools/products are now available to us. I would like to inspire other mums by pushing their boundaries, encouraging them to make that big step, and feel good about themselves. For this reason you will find a section about business, but also a section on wellness. I love books, so you will see a lot of suggestions on my posts!

Location:   London, City of


I work daily in PR and I am open to collaborations with brands.

Here is what I can do for you:

Reviews & Competitions: I can test your products/services and organise competitions and giveaways.

Sponsored Blog Posts: I can write sponsored articles around your products/services.

Advertising: accordingly to what you are selling I can offer advertising spaces on my website.

Affiliate programs: I can add your affiliate programs links to my blog posts.

For more information please contact me.

Posts from:   £45.00
Advertising from:   £25.00


  • Blog editorials
  • Instagram product reviews

Brand support

  • Facebook shout-outs
  • Instagram stories
  • Pinterest theming
  • Promotions
  • Twitter chats

Brands I've worked with

Abel & Cole