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Midlands Traveller

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About my blog

Midlands Traveller is about travel, business opportunities and wellness. I write reviews about products and services and run giveaways too!

Simone Ribeiro

About me

I am a Brazilian journalist living in the UK since 2011. I love travelling, cooking and spending quality time with my husband and my beloved cat Dougal.

Location:   Birmingham


+44 7516 659379

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I usually write about the travel industry, business opportunities and wellness. I have worked with several brands such as Hyggidy, Pure Potions, Jd Williams, XY London, Adagio Tea, Dr.Botanicals, Amphora Aromatics, among others. Midlands Traveller also introduce products and services in the Meet The Business.

Posts from:   £100.00
Advertising from:   £40.00


  • Blog editorials
  • Instagram product reviews
  • Instagram video reviews

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