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About my blog

My blog & social media channels help and inspire my readers to explore their passion for making and creating models relating to their passion for trains and rail travel.

Topics covered include:

* Model making techniques and tool reviews,

* Rail travel and heritage railways,

* Home DIY - converting rooms, garages, sheds and loft spaces to work areas,

The site is an award winning blog and now one of the largest model making and railway blog in the UK with an active, engaged, community of followers across multiple social media channels.

My typical reader is a middle to retirement age affluent man with children or grandchildren and plenty of spare time on his hands although a good chunk of my readers are under 40 year old men and women.

On a personal level, I'm a dad to two teenage boys and live in Surrey with my wife.

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About me

My blog is my passion and I spend the majority of my free time working on it, building the social media community around it or researching articles, photos and videos that will inspire my readers and grow it into the number one online destination for model train and railway travel enthusiasts.

I'm a former consumer magazine Editor and writer and have spent my life in media businesses either creating content or technology behind some of the biggest brands and I'm now bringing these experiences to my own blog.

When not doing this I can be found with my wife in our home and garden in Surrey, catching up with my teenage boys and out shopping or socialising with friends, usually in a pub.

Location:   Surrey


+44 7876 405902

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I'm happy to work with brands on topics that will appeal to my readers and community. Popular article types include:

Contests and competitions,

Blog posts or blog post series about products, tutorials or destinations,

Interviews, and

Event coverage.

Please get in touch to discuss your ideas and how we can work together.

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