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Motherhood Diaries provides an online platform in which parents and parents-to-be can share their wealth of knowledge and experience on all topics related to pregnancy and parenting.

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I am an ex-City lawyer turned busy mum of two boys (ages 6 and 7 years old) and I own two blogs, one is a parenting magazine ( and the other is a food blog ( I am also a part time social media consultant for a food supplements brand and a huge social media fanatic. I am a lover of food and all things Mediterranean!

Age:   39
Location:   Hertfordshire


If you would provide me with the link and what you'd like promoting, I will devise a message that will reach my audience and entice them into learning more about the product or service. I can write long extensive articles to short punchy social media messages, which will include everything that the reader needs to know about the campaign. I offer a range of packages from two extensive articles to product reviews, to competition giveaways. If you'd like to learn more, please send me an email of what you require and I can reply with what I can offer.

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Leyla is a dedicated blogger with a fantastic flair for writing. She covered Organix’s No Junk Challenge on her blog and went way beyond our expectations. Not only did she really embrace the campaign and its message, she wrote about her child’s lunchbox every day of the week, analysing the food that went in to it each day. Her blogs were colourful and engaging, with fantastic pictures taken by Leyla. I would have no hesitation recommending Leyla as a blogger who knows how to work with brands

Anna Guyer
Founder of Greenhouse PR

Leyla is an aspiring-to-be a world level guide of couples planning for a happy family. She picks up and conveys only that information that makes sense and not just cut and paste pieces of information posted by ignorant and misguided house-wives over the internet. By studying our work seriously and then deciding to associate with us, she has brought blogging for would-be parents to a new level and couples will see its fruits soon. Her site will stay ahead of all

Dr. Kuldeep Verma
Founder of Urobiologics LLC

Leyla is someone that every parenting blogger would want to meet. Her enthusiasm, understanding and passion for the family sector is absorbing. You will want to talk to her for hours just to her to find out more of her views and knowledge and just to be a part of her positive and can do approach to life, blogging and being a working mum