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My Dreamality


About my blog

I am a lifestyle blogger with sections on various lifestyle areas, including health/self-care, interiors, travel and personal style.

I write passionately about subjects, products and services that are important to me.

I am open for collaborations and include social media promotion. I know you will discover that traffic to your business will increase after working with me. I'm flexible with my clients' needs and wishes and highly professional and engaging.

Yaya Duran

About me

I'm a fun, creative and highly engaging lifestyle blogger. I gave up a corporate career to become a full-time blogger and am loving every moment of it! Feel free to reach out and discuss your business ideas and I guarantee we will be able to work together to drive more and even better traffic to your site!

Location:   Lancashire


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Visit my social media sites:


I write and publish highly engaging blog posts which include links to my clients' sites. I then promote these posts on all my social media platforms, both immediately after publication and periodically thereafter.

I can also include Instagram only promotion using text and images chosen by my clients.

Posts from:   £60.00
Advertising from:   £20.00


  • Blog editorials
  • Instagram product reviews

Brand support

  • Facebook shout-outs
  • Instagram stories
  • Pinterest theming
  • Promotions
  • Twitter chats

Brands I've worked with


Old English Company





Thank you for getting the piece live so quickly, it looks great on the site.

It has been a pleasure working with you on this, hopefully we can work together on another project in the future.

Terry Hearn
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Thanks for the articles! They look really nice!

Laura Multari
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The post looks great, you can post it right away!

It's been a pleasure working with you.