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Savvy Dad

About my blog

I specialise in supporting families and individuals with content creation and marketing of a family finance and lifestyle nature. This can be ways to save money through fintech, investments, couponing and frugality. I also feature reviews of products and services in relation to their quality and value for money.

Running since 2013, SavvyDad is a UK-based site run by Olly Cator who has worked on campaigns with both local tourism and businesses and worldwide clients like HSBC and Aldi.

Olly has been featured on the BBC and in the national press.

Olly's website is backed by a combined following of over 20,000 followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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About me

With a long-running career in online content and the education sector. I can offer bespoke services to many clients.

I am highly motivated to produce content that informs families in the UK and across the world on how to take the stresses and financial strains out of life. I seek to help those that read my content to save money better, establish forms of passive income, and purchase goods and services wisely.

If you feel you have a brand, product of service that my readership would be interested in, please get in touch.

Location:   Norfolk

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I can provide high-quality content on a freelance basis as well as creating SEO rich affiliate and sponsored articles in collaborations with brands. I work on a variety of bespoke campaigns, so get in touch with your requirements and we can work out something to support your site, business or cause today.

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