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Midlands Trade was founded in 2104. It's a blog about business opportunities also focused on the travel industry and wellness.

I’m fascinated with independent business and I honestly believe that we all should support local products and services. 

My audience is people interested in exploring different cultures, travelling with comfortable, staying in quirky accommodations, and finding out products and services that make difference in their lives when spending time at home.

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About me

I’m a Brazilian journalist living in Birmingham, UK, since 2011 and I`m the founder of Midlands Trade. I just got my British naturalisation this year, and I am really proud of having a dual citizenship.

I like to think I’m powered by music and I certainly love listening to music, but I spend a lot of time writing and reading as well. I love Social Media and I make the most of it.

It’s on Midlands Trade that I publish most of my stuff, but I also write for Weekend Notes, Sounds and Colours, Eazy City and other online publications.

I have been working as Portuguese and English teacher, translator, interpreter and even watch technician ( Multi-task person, I know!) along the years, but journalism is my real deal.

Age:   43
Location:   West Midlands