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Soeurs de Luxe

About my blog

We are a dedicated blogging duo with 6 year's blogging experience in lifestyle, travel, food and beauty blogging, plus 3 year's events experience managing our annual blogger's event. We love working with innovative brands on all levels - experiencing new foods, hotels and restaurants, exploring new places and testing the newest beauty releases.

Jasmine Gurney



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About me

Soeurs de Luxe is run by blogging sisters, Jasmine and Kirsty. Aged 25-27 respectively, we started our blog whilst at university to share our love of cosmetics with others, writing reviews of items we'd bought and making friends through the blogging community. Our blog then grew with us as we graduated, started working life and began travelling and exploring new places, trying new foods and becoming fully fledged adults, living our life and sharing our experiences. We're both lovers of beauty, interior design, travel, food, fitness and writing.

Age:   29
Location:   Hertfordshire


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We work with brands in many capacities, whether they're after a review of their latest product, coverage of an event, want to increase engagement with a giveaway, are looking for product placement or visibility on our social channels or are looking for a long-standing blogger relationship which encompasses all of the above, and more.

Posts from:   £60.00
Advertising from:   £35.00


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Brands I've worked with

Benefit Cosmetics


Yankee Candle


Lloyds Pharmacy



Thank you for an excellent event yesterday. I've worked a lot of events and this was far better organised than most. There was a happy, relaxed atmosphere and it was an enjoyable day. I would be happy to do more promo events with you in the future. Do let me know whenever you are organising another one.

Silver Ray Healing Therapy

You and your sister are proactive, dedicated and passionate which is exactly the kind of thing we are looking for.

Red Letter Days

It was absolutely magnificent. Congrats on a job well done!