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The Animal Doctor Blog


About my blog

My blog is an informational website that provides information about pet health and care. Blog articles discuss various health topics that may affect cats and dogs. Some of these topics include surgery, wellness, and common diseases that affect pets. There are also product reviews regarding pet products that are commonly used from a veterinary perspective. Some products that I have reviewed includes flea products, heartworm preventatives, new medications, and back braces. Controversial topics also have been discussed to encourage conversation and engagement from my readers.

Many of my readers appreciate a veterinary perspective on these topics because it gives them security that they are getting information from a reliable pet expert.

Dwight Alleyne

Dwight Alleyne

About me

I have been practicing Veterinary Medicine for the last 11 years in Georgia. So I am very experienced when it comes to pet health care. I am originally from New York, USA but moved to Georgia shortly after graduating from the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University. I work exclusively with cats and dogs, so you can consider me to be your typical dog and cat vet. Once people find out what I do for a living, I often get pet health questions. These questions range from simple questions to more complicated issues. Even though I prefer not to think about my job outside of work, I found that I enjoy sharing my knowledge of pet health care with others. So I started to create a blog over 3 years ago to share my knowledge with pet owner all over the world.

Location:   Georgia

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If you have a product or provide services for pets I can promote through insightful blog or Youtube video reviews to my readers and followers. I can complete most blog reviews within 48 hours and video reviews within 72 hours depending on the product or services I am reviewing. I would just need time to try out the product. In addition to my blog audience, as a veterinarian I have access to pet owners who are my clients who are eager to try new products or services you can provide for their pets.

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