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The Helpful Hiker

About my blog

The Helpful Hiker is all about inspiring people to get outside and enjoy adventures. I aim to show just how accessible the outdoors is to everyone, you don't need lots of equipment and you don't need lots of prior knowledge. My site features camping tips and recipes, gear reviews, walks and days out. My target audience is families who want to incorporate more outside time into their busy lives, hence I focus on everyday adventures rather than climbing mountains every weekend! The Helpful Hiker is currently listed in the top 50 of the Trips100 index of travel blogs.

Lauren Moseley

About me

I am a thirty-something mother and outdoors enthusiast who is passionate about communicating this interest to the wider world. My proudest achievement has been my selection as an Ordnance Survey GetOutside Champion for 2017, which has given me so many opportunities and enabled me to reach a wider audience. I currently work full time, and so I try to show in my blog just how 'normal' (whatever that means!) I am as I try to juggle everything, plus spend lots of time outdoors. I want my blog to be realistic and accessible, and I hope that my personality comes through as I show it is achievable.

Location:   Northamptonshire


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