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I blog about family life with two girls under 5 years old. The blog and my Instagram feed reflect our love of getting outdoors, exploring and being creative. I regularly blog about our days out and holidays. Most of our adventures are here in the North West but also in North Wales, Staffordshire and Yorkshire.

As well as family travel, I also blog about activities for children under 5. Everything from messy play, toy reviews, arts and crafts and family events. I am also passionate about reading with children so I feature lots of book reviews.

Other topics featured less often include children's fashion. family interiors and anything else relevant to life with young children.

We are a creative, colour loving family and my blog reflects this. I love photography and pride myself on capturing stunning photos for my blog.

Claire Bones


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About me

I’m Claire, a colour loving mummy to two girls. F is 4 years old and E is 1. I love spending time with my family, watching the girls grow and explore. We love exploring the UK, being outdoors, reading children’s books and creative play. 

I love photography which is how I got in to blogging in the first place. My love of photography draws me to Instagram where I love to explore and interact with other uses.

Location:   Cheshire

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This is WONDERFUL! Thanks so much. It’s really beautifully written and visually stunning. Couldn’t have hoped for better.

Rachel Whibley
Managing director, Carrot Productions Limited

This is such a wonderful review, thank you so much. It's great to see some positive comments in response too. Thanks again for sharing and for signposting to I CAN.

Alice Stanes
Senior PR Officer, I CAN, The Children's Communica

The Piccalilly team have been delighted to have Claire on board the Piccalilly ambassador team for our Spring / Summer 2017 season. Claire actively engaged with our brand on social media and was a positive advocate for our organic baby and kids clothing. She writes her posts through The Ladybird Adventures and posted strong visuals with honest content.