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The Muddled Mum: A blog talking frankly about miscarriage, mental health and all things motherhood.

After recovering from PND, I thought I had it all sorted. Then we had an unimaginable year losing multiple pregnancies. Suddenly I found myself in the depths of severe depression and anxiety. This blog was created as a way to process the muddle in my mind. And now, as I start to recover, it is a place where I continue talk openly about miscarriage, mental health and all things motherhood.

I document the highs and the lows; search out activities and tools to support health, wellbeing, self care and parenting; and try to have fun along the way. Welcome to The Muddled Mum!

Kate The Muddled Mum


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About me

As a teacher specialising in English, it was only natural that in my time of need, I turned to words. I talked, I wrote, I read. I have always have always had a great passion for books, and as it turns out, I love writing equally as much.

My main aim is to be honest. Because through honesty I have helped myself and helped others. Life is a lot more fun when you learn to face up to your own truth. I discovered my loves: cooking, walking, good clothes, small business, dancing, education, art. I have also discovered that by making changes in my life, I can now enjoy motherhood. Something I thought wasn’t possible after a long encounter with mental illness.

My writing resonates with others - my honesty puts into words what others want to say. As such, I have a loyal readership.

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