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About my blog

Tippytupps is a parenting and lifestyle blog written by Vicki: an experienced blogger and ghost writer with a background in corporate change management and communications. 

Mummy to two tiny humans: Darcie aged 2 and Henry aged 10 months, the blog records our crazy lives as a family and all that entails, and follows me as I search for that illusive balance between ‘me’ and ‘mummy’. 

With a passion for writing and photography, tippytupps allows me to channel that passion and share it with my readers. I cover a wide variety of topics relating to parenthood, health & fitness, books and crafts.

Vicki Coombe


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About me

A self-motivated and highly effective writer, blogger and creative with a strong background in corporate communications and change management. 

I have recently given up a career in corporate HR to pursue my passion and launch a career in freelance writng. I've swapped the boardroom for a life of juggling children and deadlines and am on a pilgramage to find that illusive work life balance everyone talks about. I wouldn't have it any other way though!

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